About Us

After receiving a $50 Gift Card
for the fifth year in a row,

the founders of Giftfinder decided that we really do need help to find the perfect gift for friends and family.

Gift cards are not memorable and it's hard to associate cash or a gift card with a person and an item for a last memory. Thus, we wanted to make sure that gifts you gave were relevant to not only the recipient but also to you, the giver.

Using our proprietary algorithms, we've come up with a way to assign you to one of our curators whether that be another user curating gifts, a publication editing a gift or a retail store that has gift suggestions. Each of our gifts has been hand curated and tagged to make sure that you can find that perfect gift for that perfect person.

We are a startup company in New York City's Silicon Alley. Our team's experience is in building scalable consumer Internet properties that provide tremendous value for the end user. Our team and advisors have been involved in growing companies such as Register.com (NASDAQ:RCOM), Vitals.com, and Hunch.com.

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